Capture. Curate. Re-Engage.

The easiest way to manage your extended workforce

A White-label, Direct Sourcing Solution that's plug and play

Custom Talent Pools

Create Custom Talent Pools within to organize your known and new talent

Quick Invite

Leverage your employer brand to invite talent or create a profile in under 20 seconds, from their phone

Document Management

Save time & hassle by easily managing and storing all legal documents within the profile of the talent.

Create Projects

Create jobs within the platform to let you know what they might need help with

Assign & Send to Payroll

Assign Talent to open projects and send them directly to Payroll with all the onboarding information attached

Share Jobs with Recruiters

Send difficult jobs to preferred MSP or Recruitment Agency to prevent rogue spend

Search & Filter

Quickly locate their talent based on: hourly rate,, services, location, status and previous engagements.

Notes and Tags

Leave internal notes about the project, work rate, classification status and if you would re-use for future projects

Import Excel Lists

In just a few clicks you can transform your entire excel list into a live talent pool by using the import function

Start Managing and Re-engaging your Talent Quickly and Efficiently

We can work with your provider to aggregate your talent