Capture, Curate & Re-Engage your extended workforce, in one place, by leveraging your employer brand with direct sourcing.

Centralize your non-employee workforce

Workforce Dash enables companies to access their “known talent”.  Your private cloud is populated with known talent that have previously been approved, such as former payrolled contractors, independent contractors, previous employees (alumni), freelancers, and candidates who may have interviewed for positions in the past but were not selected at the time “Silver Medalists”.  Once your talent is in your cloud, you can create unique and individual talent pools based on Skills, DE&I, Military, Payment Types, Agencies, etc. to ensure you can access the right talent at any given moment.

Reduce your Cost Per Hire

Reduce cost of acquisition by modernizing your temp talent sourcing and slash down your markups to manage your contingent labor with a fully optimized EOR / AOR (Employer of Record Service / Agent of Record) service while offering stellar candidate experience.

Increase your Quality

By utilizing talent with existing institutional knowledge, your company will see significant increase in the quality of work.  Additionally by using this talent, you can reduce the learning curve, which removes the strain to existing employees and expedites the completion of work.

Direct Sourcing & Talent Pool Value Add

Reduce Contingent Spend

Reduce Time to Hire

Improve Quality

Achieve Diversity Goals

Workforce Dash is a direct sourcing and talent pool management platform helping organizations to attract and engage contract talent directly while significantly reducing spend.

We can work with your provider to aggregate your talent