A Diverse Team Ensures More Innovation & Success

Does Your DE&I Strategies Include Your Contingent Workforce?

Most companies’ contingent workforce makes up 42% of their total workforce and you’re missing out if you aren’t including your contingent workers in your diversity strategies.


Better Performance


Better Decision Making


More likely to have higher revenue

Source: McKinsey & Company Report

Attract & Engage With Diverse Talent

Supplier diversity is critical but it doesn’t ensure you are getting diverse talent.  WillHire seamlessly integrates to the top online sites where diverse talent is looking.  By leveraging your brand and its mission of building a diverse and inclusive workforce, find the best talent to fill your current and future contingent roles.

Diversity Information Collection

You can not fix, what you can not measure.  As candidates join your branded direct sourcing talent pool, the platform provides candidates with optional fields to quickly and easily self-identify their diversity status.

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